What are the points you look at first when you buy your shoes? Most women will answer design. It is a fact, women want aesthetics, but also practice. What you don't know is that the choice of your shoes influences many things, including your health. It is no coincidence that health professionals encourage you to wear only women's shoes that will adapt well to your feet. In concrete terms, what are the risks you will run if you persist in wearing shoes that are not adapted to the morphology of your feet?

The advantages of the right pair of shoes

By finding the right women's shoes, you can enjoy several advantages: 1- The damping of the foot The midsole of your shoe is the main part of its structure. Indeed, it is this sole that offers a cushioning. With the right shoes at your feet, the cushioning will be optimal. So, even if you intend to walk for several hours, you can be sure that the right shoe will not tire you and will not give you any pain. 2- Support The ideal shoe is the one that will make it easier for your foot to align when it touches the ground. And that's exactly the kind of support you can enjoy with shoes that fit your foot. 3- Ease and comfort Your shoes should not cause any discomfort. By taking time when choosing the right pair of shoes, you will feel more comfortable and even feel like you are walking on clouds. 4- Freedom Even if you wear shoes, your feet should not feel trapped. The right pair of shoes will give you freedom of movement and allow your feet to breathe.

How do shoes affect your health?

If your shoes are too tight, too loose or do not support your feet enough and are not perfectly designed for your activity, it will be felt on your feet, ankles, thighs and joints. And in the long run, this bad choice in your pair of women's shoes can contribute to pain and injury. According to research, poor shoe selection is the main cause of all common sports injuries to the feet: shin splints, Achilles tendon pain, onions, ingrown nails and even posture problems and lower back pain. Even if you don't intend to wear these "bad shoes" for several hours, you should know that the harmful effects will be felt very quickly. So, you should never forget that the right shoe will help you prevent, reduce or even eliminate foot pain.

Find the right pair of shoes

Of course, in order to enjoy all the advantages of the right pair of shoes, you must first learn to choose it well. Here are the key steps to follow: Know your shoe size This seems obvious, but it is important to specify that you must choose shoes that fit. Don't think your feet will adapt to the shoe over time. It is the shoes that must fit your feet. Identify the activity You're not going to wear the same shoes for walking and running. To know if the pair of shoes is suitable, it is important to identify the characteristics according to the activity. Ensures comfort You must feel comfortable in your shoes. If you feel that your feet are too tight or not perfectly supported, switch to another pair.