At a certain age, your little princess certainly knows what she wants when it comes to fashion. You should therefore choose trendy and elegant pieces that she will like to wear so as not to waste your money on clothes that she will keep in the back of her closet. Fortunately, choosing the perfect clothing line for a girl is now easy thanks to a large collection with very girly patterns and colours as well as a trendy cut. It's up to you to find out what can seduce your little princess.

The dress and skirts: the musts-have of a girl's dressing room

A pretty dress with shimmering colours and patterns will bring freshness and colour to your little one's wardrobe. Between the flower voile printed model, the flamed jersey, the loose dress in printed veil, the jersey dress on printed veil, the asymmetrical model in English embroidery, the jersey ball dress and the printed percale dress, make your choice from a range at the forefront of girl's catimini fashion to highlight your princess. The floral and vegetal motifs in these collections will certainly please your little angel. Don't forget to add a touch of femininity to your dressing room by choosing a small skirt with very feminine patterns. Wear with little sandals, sneakers, boots or boots, ballerinas, it will be perfect to adopt a girly look.

The trouser suit: for a trendy look that is guaranteed

The pants suit is everywhere! Big and small adopt it! Your princess will also be happy to wear it thanks to its practicality, comfort and, above all, its trendy cut to create a casual and chic style. It will be a piece she loves; you can be sure of that. Whether the temperature drops or rises, this very trendy outfit will always create a sensation. Your little girl will find the joy of wearing it because this piece will surely make her look good.

Legging with a t-shirt or top: a perfect combination for a stylish outfit

To complete your dressing room, don't forget the essential leggings and t-shirts. These basic yet trendy children's clothes will find their place in your child's wardrobe. In both summer and winter, they will be useful to give her the opportunity to dress comfortably and elegantly. Whatever its taste, you will discover your happiness among a wide choice of patterns and trendy colors of the catimini collections for girls. Your daughter will be proud to wear them to school, to go out with you or to attend a party.