Toys are not just a whim. They also contribute to the development and awakening of children's motor skills. But you can do without toys and offer other items, as you wish. Discover in this article the selection criteria to help you surprise your darling for sure!

The elements to be considered!

Before buying a gift for a child, you should consider the following points: - Age: on toy packaging, manufacturers indicate the minimum age or age range. It is very important to follow these instructions as a safety measure, but also to choose a toy that is in line with the child's stage of development (according to his or her sensory-motor abilities) - Gender: a gift for a girl will not be the same as for a boy! - Taste: to get a gift idea, refer to his interests. For lovers of 2 or 4 wheels for example, you can turn to sports cars, drones.... For girls who love Barbie, think of her favourite doll.... - Solidity: Are you looking for a toy that is made to last or will break after a few hours?

Some ideas for gifts for children!

You don't know what to offer? Consider the above points. However, you can also be inspired by our gift ideas: - Gift idea for girls between 6 and 10 years old: a personalized book, a DIY album, a doll, a sewing machine, a photo gift, clothes... - Gift idea for boys 6 to 10 years old: laser, remote-controlled car, remote-controlled helicopter, racing car, sports car... For the little handymen, opt for a toolbox instead. - Gift idea for teenagers between 12 and 16 years old: gift box, High Tech devices, costume jewellery, vinyl clock, vintage pants...

Good to know!

Toddlers can easily get bored with a toy. That's why to keep your attention, you should change your toy regularly. To avoid buying every time, you can select a versatile toy. If you want to share a good time with your children, choose board games or multiplayer games. This way, you can participate in the game and invite your friends to join the group. To stimulate your child, you can also give him an adjustable toy. He'll be delighted! In any case, don't hesitate to use the online catalogues as an inspiration to find a gift idea that could please your toddler. And finally, when you plan to offer a photo gift, choose original models!