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Even though Amber is categorized as a gemstone, some facts indicate it is not a precious stone. Amber forms from a pine tree, fossilized sap, or a resin. However, people from the ancient days to the present value as a gemstone and use it to make various jewellery and decorative items. The gemstone also happens to be used as a healing agent for herbal remedies. Amber exists in five categories, identified based on their chemical compositions. Since it forms a soft and sticky resin from trees, Amber may incorporate plant and animal substances. With a history dating to over 45 million years ago, Amber is believed to have erupted from the forests in Central and Northern Europe, particularly between the Caspian Sea and the Norwegian coast.

Origin and Composition of Amber Gemstones

Archeologists believe that Amber originates from fossilized tree resin due to injury or severe climate change, and not from pine sap as many people believe. The original genus of this gemstone was the Pinus Succinifera. This family of trees generated a lot of sap when climate change, resulting in molecular transformations that could never be measured in years. Vast chunks of amber gemstones would then travel via rivers through to the seas.

Even as its value rises day by day, the gemstone continues to become a scarce and precious stone in the world. It is one of the three natural stones that have a plant origin, alongside jet and diamonds. Amber’s value in the natural stone jewellery world is high, just like diamonds, due to their prolonged existence (It has existed for thousands of years). The gemstone comprises a molecule of 5 carbon atoms known as the isoprene. There has to be pressure and heat present for a very long time (a couple of million years) for it to form. Isoprene then begins to polymerize, allowing for the stone to solidify.

One way to always recharge Amber is by placing it in the heat of the sun. It is advisable to perform this procedure of recharging at least once a day for approximately three hours, or preferably once every week for some hours. During this period, the Amber gets to absorb the necessary sunlight to recharge it. Placing the stone in sunlight is also one way to help solidify Amber or dry it. Once it solidifies, it is much easier to use the gemstone for various purposes as you deem fit.

Litho Therapeutic Properties, Benefits and Uses of Amber

Like any other gemstones globally, amber stone happens to benefit human beings, both physical, medicinal, and psychological. Below are some of the reasons why you should buy amber gemstones:

• Psychological Benefits

In a psychological capacity, the stone helps its wearer to advocate themselves and be heard. The gemstone can purify energies, all because it possesses a solar glaze. It can also unblock specific body regions when aligned on the chakra or part in question. Amber stimulates every genre of psychological work and encourages intellectual development as well as reflection.

Amber is recommended for helping people deal with several forms of depression or anxiety. The stone releases negative ions, in the process granting back the mind’s dynamism and clarity. It also strengthens one’s motivation and spearheads the person’s well-being and a stable state of mind.

• Physical and Health Benefits

When we look at the gemstone from a physical or perspective, it is very masculine. One of the widespread benefits of this gemstone is that it helps in relieving dental pain. Parents can give young children the gemstone to serve as an anti-inflammatory, especially in the growth and development stages. People all over the world also use Amber to soothe their voices. It can warm up throats that may be squawky. The gemstone is widely used to decongest people’s airways believed to be suffering from otolaryngology diseases (ORL). It also fights against illnesses related to ORL, such as flu, colds, and sore throats. For instances where individuals are suffering from inflammation, Amber is highly recommended as a pain-reliever. Generally speaking, this gemstone acts as a stimulant to a person’s immune system. Once it boosts your immunity, your body can fight various diseases without much strain.

• The Amber Gemstone and its Ability to Facilitate Sleep

Amber tends to magnetize due to the negative charges it acquires once the gem gets into contact with one’s skin. The stone produces negative ions and develops an electrostatic behaviour through a loss of electrons during friction. The electrostatic charges have been identified to effectively release stress and help soothe the mind, providing sleepless individuals’ sleep. The natural stone facilitates rest as it allows you to sleep better by reducing the intensity of nightmares you have.

• The Use of Amber in Making Necklaces

Generally, there are two types of Amber commonly used: yellow Amber and Grey Amber. In most cases, the yellow Amber is used to make necklaces due to its attractive honey-orange colour. You can find different kinds of coloured amber necklaces, depending on the type of soil in which the Amber was fossilized or climatic changes. Since ancient times, the amber necklace has been known for its advantages to the human skin and mood.

It is advisable to wear an amber necklace for pain and infection eradication through the stone’s anti-inflammatory action. Necklaces made from amber beads are highly recommended for young ones, especially infants during teething- which might be painful.

Natural Stones to Associate with Amber

The properties of this gemstone can be linked to the benefits of other natural stones. So the wearer can combine wearing natural stone jewellery with Amber and fit perfectly well. Some of these stones include:

• The Ruby – Also known as the ‘queen of gemstones.’ It is a vibrant gemstone that helps individuals develop their enthusiasm and the will to live well in happiness and best moods. The stone also eases one’s communication with others. This gemstone is linked to the eye of a tiger hence minimizes memory disorders.

• The Rock Crystal – This stone is a symbol of well-being. It allows people to find balance in whichever aspect of life is concerned. The Rock Crystal can help balance emotions, bring a calming effect to the mind, and keep individuals in their best physical and moral health. Sometimes people refer to it as the ‘Prince of Minerals’ because it is the only natural stone that can help human beings find a state of well-being plus harmony. Every individual should allow their feelings to lead them to the best Rock Crystal to use.

• The Rose Quartz – It is one of the primary stones in litho therapy. The Rose Quartz is the recommended stone for a solution in obtaining a peaceful sleep. The best stone for obtaining a good sleep is the rough pink quartz (always flat), placed under one’s pillow or beside their bed on a table (though less effective). A lustrous pink quartz stone, on the other hand, helps you to fall asleep or get back to sleep in case it was interrupted by a nightmare or any other cause. The Rose Quartz has proven to work for many people; hence it is considered reliable, mostly when you use Amber. It is also considered as the stone for children, many of them being attracted to the gem. The benefits children accrue from the Rose Quartz is that it soothes the tiny sorrows. It is also appropriate for nervous kids.

How to Find Genuine Amber and Ways of Cleaning It

To identify a genuine amber, you will have to dissolve two tablespoons of salt in 200ml water and then dip the stone in it. In case the stone flows slowly, then it is real Amber, but if it flows swiftly like a pebble, it is not genuine Amber. Another method of identifying a genuine amber is by rubbing it on your hair or sweater then hold the stone against the hair on your arms. In case your hair stands, then it is real Amber.

One of the primary virtues associated with Amber is purification. In the ancient days, Amber was burned in the form of incense to help tackle germs and viruses. Burnt Amber promoted healing by boosting your immune system and helping your body to battle fatigue. The most significant hypothesis for determining a genuine amber is testing for the presence of terpene oils in the stone. Because it is neither a precious nor semi-precious stone, the gem must always be purified and recharged differently from other gemstones.

Purifying the gemstone allows it to discharge all the negative ions that may have been produced by the necklace when it rubs on your skin. On the other hand, recharging it brings the possibility to refill the positive energies, allowing you to experience this gem’s benefits on your body.


For effectiveness in the gemstone’s functioning, you need to identify a qualified and reliable litho therapist to buy Amber. At times, some litho-therapists might provide you with wrongful information regarding purification and recharge. However, it is advisable to recharge the gemstone, even if purifying it is difficult.