More than just an economic gesture, buying second-hand clothes is now part of an ecological approach that is gaining momentum. Aware that consumer society is at the root of most of the damage to the environment, today's citizens want to initiate profound changes in behaviour. More and more, they are opting for responsible consumption. Without having to sacrifice fashion, there are many ways to buy second-hand clothes like new. We'll tell you more.

Buy in specialized shops

To get dressed in style without breaking the bank, there's nothing better than going to a store that specializes in selling used clothing. Indeed, you will be able to find quality articles at unbeatable prices. More than an economy, thrift stores and other depot-sales stores are increasingly seen as a real gold mine for anyone looking for rare items sold at reduced prices. According to the shop, against all expectations, it is more and more common to find clothes from major brands such as Kookai. Often resulting from unsold items, these new or almost new items are put on sale at prices that no longer have anything to do with those in stores. Some second-hand clothing stores are more popular because they also allow buyers to sell items they no longer need. To find thrift stores, it's easy to consult the various directories. Some shops also have a site that can be easily found.

Hunting during private sales and video-dressing

If you have the time and to be sure to find high quality items, there is nothing better than going to private sales or vide-dressing between individuals, often fashion fans who want to renew their wardrobe. Generally, it will be possible to find flagship models of old collections that are impossible to find elsewhere. To be aware of these events, it is advisable to be aware of the latest news from the fashion blogs in your region. Some applications to download to your smartphone also provide information on sales dates and locations. These same applications will also allow you to sell the parts you want to sell. To be sure to sell, it is common to offer low prices, such as a third of the initial price.

Buy from online shops

If the clothing stores are ideal for those who can get there, for those in a hurry, there is the option of online clothing stores. Like the usual thrift stores, these online shops allow you to buy clothes that are cheap but of good quality. In some cases, major brands entrust them with unique items from previous collections to be sold discreetly, so as not to offend customers who have made their purchases at sometimes very high prices. Thus, it is not uncommon to find Kookai clothing at incredible prices. To find these online clothing stores, it's easy to search in a search engine. On each of these sales sites, it is possible to access catalogues containing thousands of references. To buy, there are no constraints in most shops and you just must choose the item and validate the purchase by making the payment. Delivery is often made by the shop. However, caution should be exercised, and it is recommended to buy from reputable sites with transparent sales conditions. In any case, always read carefully the section on returning items if necessary.

Platforms for connecting individuals

If you are not interested in online thrift stores any more than that, you can always opt for the different blogs, forums and other personal networking platforms. This way, you can find second-hand clothes at low prices. These real marketplaces dedicated to sales between private individuals are more and more popular because they offer even lower prices than those found in clothing stores. Indeed, since the sale is carried out directly between private individuals, the sale price is often derisory even though it is possible that the linking platform charges a commission on each transaction. In some cases, simple direct exchanges are made instead of sales. However, you must remember that in this type of transaction, there is a major disadvantage which is the impossibility of making a claim not being able to make a return after the purchase. In addition to this, there is a perverse effect of shipping costs, particularly in the case of several purchases made from different sellers. This option is therefore advantageous if it remains occasional.