When you have a little boy, you are very happy, and you will love taking care of him. In general, it starts with hugs, buying toys, sweet words. Then there is also the style of clothing we would like him to have for each season. In his first year, he still has a rather fragile body. It is imperative that his body adapts to the change of season. Here are 4 timeless looks to dress up your little one and protect him from the temperature change.

What to wear in spring and autumn?

To dress your little baby boy properly in spring or autumn, you must always take the temperature into account. When it is milder, we choose a light bodysuit with short sleeves and why not a boy bloomer at the bottom. But if it gets colder, you'll have to cover it up. In case it is going to rain, it is necessary to equip it with a nice waterproof coat with a hood, and rain pants. For timeless outfits, for example, smart clothes such as thermal underwear can be chosen. Indeed, they can adapt to the temperature of the environment. Thanks to these outfits, we always offer optimal comfort at the end of the day. Long-sleeved tops designed to protect baby from the sun's rays can be found on the market. This contributes to achieving a timeless style while being useful.

Dress baby in summer

When temperatures rise, baby should wear comfortable clothing. These must promote air circulation. When deciding to take him outside, it is essential to cover his body and head well to avoid heat stroke. It is also ideal to wear light-coloured clothes. So, we take timeless short-sleeved ones and a bloomer boy will look great on him. Light colours naturally retain less heat, but if it is too hot, you can leave your baby's lower body in the air. However, the top must always be protected.

The looks to adopt in winter

During the winter, it is important to wrap baby up properly so that he or she doesn't get cold. Long-sleeved bodies are a must to dress her well. They also help to keep it warm. The bodies must be made of a soft material, so that the little toddler can be comfortable and comfortable. It is recommended to choose those made of 100% cotton. Then add another warmer garment on top, such as a hooded jacket or coat. You can rely on pastel colours to affirm the timeless look. This colour is soft and joyful. A green, blue or pastel yellow jacket will keep the baby warm but will give him a stylish look. His head must also be well covered. This is the most important part to avoid heat loss. A hood or a hat will do just fine. Covering your hands and feet is essential. And to perfect your look, you protect your neck with a beautiful scarf.