Whether you buy them new or second hand, on specialized sites or in auction rooms and collective shops like vestiairecollective.com for example, this is inevitably the question you ask yourself. And the implied ones: is that really a good idea? And is this object really worth it? The quilted bag, held by leather braided metal shoulder strap and fastened with a metal clasp featuring a well-known logo, has been eye-catching since you were 18 years old. And now, as it's your birthday, it's decided, you're finally going to buy it. New or used, it doesn't matter because, you are convinced, it's a good purchase. Timeless (how could it go out of fashion when it was born more than half a century ago?), beautifully crafted (the house that created it is renowned for its quality), stamped as a luxury object, it also makes women all over the world fantasize. And you'll be right: yes, this bag is a good investment, especially since it will certainly increase in value.

Concerning rarity

Unique pieces or limited series, special orders are by nature difficult to find. Hence the fact that their price rises easily at auctions. A Birkin Hermes pink alligator bag is rarer than an Oyster Rolex steel watch, for example. And when a brand releases an object in a limited edition or collaborates with an artist, it organizes the rarity of its creations itself. In examining rarity, it is also necessary to take into account the chosen materials, precious or not, sometimes even disappeared, especially for precious stones whose deposits are depleted, as well as the know-how that governed the birth of the object.

Concerning the condition

The use that has been made of the object, therefore the quality of its material, its age is obviously taken into account. But sometimes, it is better to damage it: thus, some leather patinas can have defects but no matter: they tell a story, they have an experience that beyond the charm has a real monetary value.

What about more classic pieces?

The answer is still yes, it is a response that lies in the very essence of luxury and its values of aesthetics and quality. Not to mention that today, all houses capitalize on their history, heritage and heritage. All of the fashion experts highlight their creative and historical DNA, claiming an "extra soul". Often largely justified, and which goes well beyond the ephemeral successes or famous customers that we may have forgotten in ten years' time. Focusing on authenticity as well as know-how, on history as well as fashion, these are the secrets of the value of luxury items. The taste they also shape for beauty and truth, this culture so special that we often say of insiders and which is passed on from generation to generation. Because, by the way, if you desired and finally acquired bag ever leaves you, it is likely that, as often, your daughter will take it before passing it on to your granddaughter... Luxury and love for objects, this family transmission from generation to generation is undoubtedly the most beautiful of the values of luxury objects. And this one is priceless.