Even though we are becoming more and more aware of the pollution caused by the textile industry and its environmental consequences, more and more of us want to consume more responsibly, buying less but better, we sometimes cannot resist the desire to please ourselves. Only, in these cases we come face to face with two problems. The first, which we have just mentioned, is our desire to reduce our consumption and increase its quality. The second is more of a monetary order. Indeed, when you turn your back on fast fashion by opting for clothes made in France, for example, prices can quickly rise. So for small scholarships, the question arises as to how to find cheap clothes. Fortunately, in recent years the practice of vide dressing has developed and diversified. What is the goal? Resell second-hand clothing that is no longer worn by individuals. This is where you will find clothes at a lower price.

The online vide dressing room between individuals

You have probably already heard about it, especially since the leader in the Vintage sector is advertising on television. It is a vide dressing room still online but this time it is the individuals themselves who post their clothes in pictures and take care of the expedition. Even if the quality is not always good (some saleswomen are not very honest with the buyers), this type of vide dressing room remains a good plan to find cheap clothes. Be careful, however, even if the choice is sometimes greater, the prices are also sometimes higher. We advise you to always check if the garment you found is not also sold on a professional vacuum dressing room.

The professional online vide dressing room

The first option available to you is on the Internet. Several sites like ours have been created in recent years. On these websites you can find thousands of second-hand clothes at much lower prices than those available in stores. These huge empty dressing rooms provide you with a professional service (possibility of returns for example) and a wide choice of brands (we sell about 800 brands). However, be careful about the quality of the clothes. Indeed, depending on the site, the condition of the clothing can vary from very good to slight defects. When the vacuum dressing room sells clothing with defects, this is specified on the product sheet. We reassure you; at Once again we have made the choice to only sell clothes in very good condition.

The vacuum dressing room of the influencers

Don't worry, it doesn't just exist online. Some will say "fortunately" because we often want to try the garment before buying it. It is therefore excellent news that the influencers who are followed by more and more French on the various social networks gather from time to time and sell the clothes that clutter their dressings. Stay tuned for their news on their accounts, they share it several times when they organize one.

The empty dressing room between girlfriends

Finally, if you are looking to buy cheap clothes but still have some concerns about second-hand clothes, start by buying back your friends' clothes, knowing where they come from and who carried them before, we are often less reluctant to buy them.