Published on : 26 September 20194 min reading time

Want to know how to sell a Rolex without a certificate? You have come to the right place.

Today, Rolex is recognized worldwide. In addition to being a luxury watch, it has become an emotional symbol for its owners. With its worldwide reputation for quality products, the international company sells its timeless parts in a precious box with a guarantee and a certificate of authenticity.

That said, we understand that sometimes you need to move on and want to sell your Rolex. You can visit and learn more about Rolex watches for sale if you want to buy a Rolex. If you have been careful enough to keep all the finery that has gone with your luxury watch, you are lucky. Having an authentication certificate will help you speed up the process. It can also attract collectors, who will not hesitate to increase their prices.

If for any reason you don’t have this document, don’t panic. You can always sell it. A Rolex remains a work of art. All additional elements, such as certificates or other accompanying documents, help to increase the value of its history and thus to verify its authenticity. This gives you more credibility with a buyer as to the authenticity of your watch. But these extras are not essential for the sale of your Rolex.

So, what can you do to sell a Rolex without a certificate? Let yourself be guided through this process, which can sometimes be a little complex.

Be honest with yourself

First of all, you will have to provide all the information you can. We live in a world of false information. Break the chain and be completely honest with the buyer. It is said that trust is everything in a relationship and in this case, it could not be more precise. Buyers want honesty and the guarantee that what they buy is authentic.

Now that you’ve confessed everything, even your darker sins, it really wasn’t necessary – but thank you, you’ll need to have your Rolex photographed.

Photograph your watch

Add high quality photos to your description, but do not post a photo with the full serial number for security reasons. Really, abstain. Putting it online could lead to the creation of forgeries. However, put photos from all angles and all imperfections. This will give potential buyers confidence and they will be in a better position to buy your Rolex.

Detail the Rolex movement

Whether quartz or automatic, the movement can have an impact on the price of your watch. Rolexes with a quartz movement, such as the rare Oyster quartz which was in circulation for 25 years, generally work with a battery, making them very accurate but decreasing their value compared to watches with an automatic movement. On the other hand, if your Rolex is equipped with an automatic movement, like most Rolex, this can increase its value. Thanks to hundreds of years of experience in this technology, Rolex with mechanical movement are extremely precise and can last for a very long time.


With or without a certificate, a potential buyer will look for proof that the watch is authentic. Documents alone have no value because they can be falsified. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you be accompanied by a salesperson who can attest to the authenticity of your watch.

Search for a potential buyer

Selling your Rolex to an individual, in a face-to-face transaction, may seem the best option at first glance. But, like everything else in life, it’s a risky business. Selling to a person without going through an intermediary to protect you can lead the buyer to say that something is wrong with the watch and ask for a refund. This is why it is important to have a trustworthy mediator, especially if you do not have the Rolex certificate.