A child's first day of school is a crucial time. For him, it will be an opportunity to discover a completely different universe. He will make new friends, learn new things and create an identity. So, it is important to find the right clothes for your child. To do this, several criteria must be considered, including age, gender and especially style.

Practical and simple clothing

Many activities at primary school involve the handling of specific materials such as paint, clay or glue. In all cases, children must be able to explore freely. Although teachers encourage children to be independent and responsible by wearing aprons, accidents often occur, especially if children are enthusiastic. It is best not to let children wear clothes that get dirty easily, as this will avoid the heavy chore of removing these stains. Be sure to indicate your child's name on all uniforms if he or she has one. He could take it off and his clothes might be confused with those of his classmates. This is very important because many children wear similar clothes and it can be very annoying for you and him not to find his own things.

Dress your child during the summer

In the summer, make sure your child wears clothes that cover the back and shoulders and wear a hat to protect them from the sun. Sandals should not have toes open as this can be dangerous if the child is climbing slides or other things. Do not let your children wear jewellery, especially hanging earrings that could catch and cause a serious accident.

Promote independence and safety at school

Children will have to wear clothes that they can manage themselves. This will support their growing independence in the use of their skills and allow them to play freely and safely. Elementary school students can be very frustrated with belts, tight buttons and zippers, especially when they must get inside and get to the bathroom quickly. Try not to dress your child in clothes that are difficult to remove, such as jeans for example. In cold weather, plan appropriate outdoor clothing, as outdoor play is a very important part of the day at the centre all year round.