Published on : 24 September 20193 min reading time

Stop on the essentials of the 90s, because on the fashion side, we see looks that we thought we had already forgotten in the past. It is 2019 and decades later, the fashion of this older generation is coming back to win back young people and why not those who have also grown old? Crop top, bat sleeves, perfecto, shirt tied at the waist, sneakers… flash back on these timeless since 1990!

90’s fashion: flashback on the big essentials

We can say that the 90s are the years of the golden age. The best gadgets such as Gameboys, Tamagotchi’s, floppy disks, video recorders, disposable cameras… But on the fashion side, the 90s have also left their mark on time. Among the trendiest fashion items of this period, we find the crop top, bat sleeves, bombers, shaved necks, sneakers… Nothing seems to be happening, the current trend is making these clothes, shoes and fashion accessories more popular, because very quickly, teenagers fell in love with these looks from about twenty years ago.

Crop top, bat sleeves… those clothes that come out of our closet!

You’d think times have changed, but for the fashion world that’s not the case! Indeed, we now find the fashion of 1990 on the cover of a magazine and if you are from that time, it is high time to take out of the closet all the clothes that you thought were over.

Today, teenagers and even those who have grown old are dressing for the 90 generation. In addition to crop tops and bat-sleeved clothing, the long list includes flowered dresses, lace tops, bodysuits, perfectos and the timeless denim jacket. Until very recently, mom jeans have resurfaced, surmounted by logo T-shirts that don’t lose their ranks either. And in the middle of this whole collection, let’s not forget the flannel shirts, track pants and high waist jeans.

Sneakers, basketball and Dr. Martens… and on the shoe side, how are things going?

As for shoes, the fashion of the 90s is not enough for today’s fashion enthusiasts either, as many models have resurfaced. Except to mention the converse that today can be worn perfectly with any outfit, from dresses to little skirts to ⅞ pants and more. In the list of shoes to come out of your dressing room, you will also find Doc Marteens, platform tennis and sneakers.