At their age, we too had our heroes, and were proud to wear them on our clothes, or not. Clothing trends return cyclically over the years, making some adjustments felt in the updates. Today, clothes bearing the effigy of heroes do not escape the circle of specialists in children's fashion, creating reactions justified on the part of those concerned and their entourage.

An irreversible phenomenon

The observation is clear: no matter what people say, fashion will always find its followers and detractors. Whatever it is, and whatever the form, time or locality in which it occurs, this cultural orientation in the settlement or return phase will always be welcomed in different ways. Children's clothing is no exception to this rule. On the one hand, there will be those, children and parents alike, who will immediately fall under the spell, and will go to great lengths to own a flagship model. On the other hand, there will be all those who do not adhere to the concept, and who will always find fault with any aspect of the product presented.

The benefits include

The first is to allow children to feel like they are part of the character. Indeed, dressing children with their favourite heroes allows them to identify with them and thus forge their own personality, generally benefiting from the positive points of the character whose outfit they wear. At the same time, he will learn to recognize his physical limitations, and thus learn to distinguish reality from fiction. In addition, he will learn to assume his choices in general, starting with the choice of his clothing. Indeed, dressing like a movie celebrity does not come without its share of praise or less benevolent criticism. In this way, the child learns to face reality.

The disadvantages

Before reaching the moral and psychological level seen above, it is important to focus on the physical side. Indeed, many of the costumes and other props of superheroes selling children's fashion are made with quality products that are rather unsuitable for their skin. Allergies can then occur, creating more inconvenience than well-being for the child.