Did you know that it is the shoes that set the tone for the outfit and give it a well-defined style? The boat model is one of the types of shoes that lend themselves to different combinations, each of which creates a distinctive clothing spirit.

Women's Boat Shoes: The choice of lightness and variety

The summer season is synonymous with holidays and well-being. However, your feet always let you know that they need ventilation. Nothing prevents you from wearing small summer ballerinas or moccasins, but women's boat shoes remain the choice that will give your feet the breath of freshness they need. Over the seasons, boat shoes take on new aspects to suit all tastes and follow the new trends of the moment. All you must do is go to different sites to discover the variety of models on offer: With laces Without laces Without closing Whether you like casual chic or classic outfits, you can wear these types of shoes. Coming from the marine world, it has forged a place for itself in urban fashion and conquered as many men as women. By finding the right pair, you can create around the boat shoes, the style that best suits your personality.

Tips to find the right pair of boat shoes

With the craze that has grown around boat shoes, several brands now offer models that are strongly inspired by them. It is therefore essential to focus on a few details in order to detect critical defects and find the ideal pair. The tbs brand offers different styles from which you can choose, but pay attention to the following criteria: Surface: Choose shoes with an impermeable surface if you want to wear them for marine activities. Be aware that it is the degree of waterproofness of the surface that determines the quality of this type of shoe. If you are not in contact with water, the surface can be made of a lighter fabric such as suede for example. Adhesion: The level of adherence of the boat shoes makes them more practical, especially for physical activities. We're not talking about sport as such, but a day on a boat! The grip gives you a more fixed support, which makes your movements easier and gives you a feeling of lightness that no other pair of flat shoes can offer. Comfort: Your shoes must be flexible enough to let you move freely and firm enough to ensure good support. The more they stick to your feet, the more fixed and stable your steps are. Be aware that the model with laces increases the comfort and support of your feet, provided that the laces are strong enough.

Tips for wearing boat shoes

TBS women's boat shoes easily fit into most clothing styles. Just choose the right elements for your outfit: Your shoes can contrast with the colours of your outfit to stay visible Your shoes can be in the colour scheme of your outfit for a harmonious style For a casual look, wear them with a t-shirt and jeans For work, you can put them on by adding a jacket that will give the chic side Boat shoes are ideal with both shorts and skirts For a bohemian look, opt for a long dress with boat shoes without laces Make a colour reminder between your shoes and accessories Add a hat to your outfit for a formal summer look Thus, you can either outbid the sporty side of your tbs shoes by choosing a casual outfit or create a contrast through more chic pieces!