Do you have some clothing purchases to make for this summer? Wondering what the fashion is going to be? Men's shoes, men's fashion jeans, shorts, styles... We tell you all about this summer's fashion so you can get a makeover!

Essential accessory: the shirt

It is the great must-see of this summer. Its advantage is that it comes in an infinite number of colours, which means that you can adapt it to all styles, as you can see on this clothing site. This summer will be marked by the Hawaiian shirt decorated with retro flowers and the bowling shirt characterized by its vitaminized colours. For a perfect look, combine your shirt with a pair of men's fashion jeans and for men's shoes: a pair of white sneakers is ideal.

Shorts: a must for the summer

Impossible to spend a summer without wearing shorts may not be just any shorts. If it is unavoidable, it is not the easiest piece to wear. For a look dressed in all circumstances, you can choose it with pliers like a tailor. If you want more advice on this, tells you how to dress and which men's shoes to wear to look elegant for any occasion. On a clothing site, you can also find a high waist shorts, very popular this year especially if it is made of denim or Chinese inspiration.

The parka: the summer coat

Summer is known for its cool evenings, so it is essential to bring a light jacket. This year's piece is the light parka. In khaki or navy blue, it is timeless! You can wear it with a casual style t-shirt and fashionable men's jeans, it will give you a bubbling style! Jeans being a part that comes back often, if you need help to choose it well click here. Here too, for your men's shoes, the sneakers are perfectly matched. You will also appreciate their comfort. A fifties inspiration looks with derbies shoes for men Several styles are to be adopted for this summer. If you want a look that sets you apart, look back to the 1950s with your clothes. They will be on the rise in 2018! For a perfect fifties style, look for the famous patterned shirt on a clothing site, but take it with a slim fit and rolled up at the sleeves. For the pants a 7/8th chino is the right piece for you. And, for men's shoes, it's the derbies you must choose. It is a style that suits everyone regardless of age and morphology, so there is no reason not to give in!

XXL clothes

If the slim, the V-neck t-shirt size S and the shirt that moulds the pectoral muscles have had their hour of glory, this year opt for fluid and oversized clothes. So a tip whatever the clothing, renew your dressing room in XXL. Wide sleeved shirts, fluid tailor pants, baggy are back. All of them have the particularity of widening the silhouette but in order not to make it crowded, the choice of men's shoes is crucial. The rule is therefore to prohibit brogues, moccasins, boots and boots. You have a choice in everything else!

The colours of summer

The colour of this summer is purple, no one will be able to escape it, it will fill every radius of the site with clothing. If you're wondering what to wear it with, it will go perfectly with brown, beige, khaki, caramel, chocolate but also with more vitamin-rich colours like orange or red to boost your look. The range of colours is so varied that you will easily find the right pair of men's shoes.

The essential accessories

There is no worked look without a few accessories. We recommend sunglasses with a rectangular shape and thin branches, a bob in perfect harmony with a retro style and find all its nobility this summer. It is mainly worn as a shoulder strap.