Would you like to open a hair salon? It is important to make the project a reality by starting with the implementation of a business plan, the search for premises and their layout, the choice of legal status, the implementation of creation formalities as well as the compliance of the regulations applicable to the hair salon. Among the necessary formalities are also obtaining a BP or BM of hairdressing, the follow-up of a training course of preparation for the installation.

Steps to follow to open a hair salon

To create your own hair salon, there are certain compulsory diplomas such as the professional hairdressing certificate, the master's degree in hairdressing or a diploma registered in the national directory of professional certifications. Creating a hair salon is a craft profession that requires the entrepreneur to register in the directory of trades. This approach requires him to carry out a training course to prepare for installation. The hair salon must comply with regulations such as the posting of prices inside and outside the establishment. As far as the choice of legal status is concerned, it is better not to choose the micro-enterprise or auto-entrepreneur scheme. Preferably select the SARL and SAS, EURL or SASU.

Open an independent hair salon or under brand names?

The opening of a hair salon can be done by choosing different ranges of establishments: specialized hair salon for men, women, mixed, high-end salon or offering affordable prices. There is also a crucial choice for those who wish to set up their own hair salon, choose between an independent salon or one linked to the network brand. Opening a hair salon under a brand reduces personal flexibility but allows you to take advantage of the reputation of a popular network. By choosing to create an independent salon, the entrepreneur has more freedom, but will have to make a greater effort to acquire customers.

Importance of the business plan to open a hair salon

The business plan is a document detailing the company's project and the objectives set for the next 3 years. Its implementation is essential in the creation of a hair salon. A hair salon's business plan ensures that the project is financially viable, it will serve as a useful reference for the entire team working within the establishment and when seeking funding. This document is composed of 2 parts: the cash flow forecast and a part to highlight the strengths of the project. As a symbol of femininity, hair plays an important role in women's attention to their appearance. Keep reading on this link.