The suit is to the man what the dress is to the woman. We don't know if it's a simple cliché or an absolute truth, but the suit is part of the clothes that any man should have in his dressing room. The brands then redouble their creativity to create models, with cuts and colours to suit all tastes. However, some prefer the refinement and accuracy of custom models.

Dress elegantly with a tailor-made suit

The men's suit must meet several requirements outside of which it is difficult to satisfy the customer. But the question that arises is why some men do not consider ready-to-wear regardless of the brand's range. Why do they think that custom-made products are a guarantee of quality? The answer to these questions lies in the very value of the tailor-made suit. This alternative first ensures that the suit fits your body perfectly. By taking different measurements related to your size, the width of your torso...... the tailor makes you the suit that suits you perfectly.  Thus, finding a tailor in Brussels becomes an alternative to enjoy a unique and exclusive outfit. Be aware that by using a professional tailor, you can submit your requirements for both the creation of wedding costumes and the models you will wear in your daily life. One thing is certain: No other men's suit will look like yours.

The choice of costume colours

It is important to remember that the suit comes in 3 basic colours: black, blue and grey.  Black is a classic for this type of clothing. The black suit can be worn on various occasions, whether professional or not, such as wedding ceremonies. You can have a tailor-made suit made in Brussels for your wedding, but also for official ceremonies such as an important meeting, the reception of a prize, etc. Blue and grey are also colouring that are frequently used in costumes.  Costumes with these colours are worn daily, especially at work. As for grey, it is also suitable for going to the office but also for weddings. In short, there is no explicit rule for wearing a suit with a colour for a event.  The choice of the colour of the suit remains a totally subjective decision. But that doesn't prevent the black suit from giving the wearer a distinguished elegance and look. On the other hand, it must be said that seeking originality and distinction sometimes leads to excess.  Therefore, avoid excessively eccentric colour shades such as red, green, yellow or other colours and choose these patterns instead: The scratches The Prince of Wales motif The tiles The houndstooth pattern

A quality fabric for both winter and summer

The choice of fabric is a parameter to take into consideration when you want to have a tailor-made men's suit in Brussels. If you have some knowledge in this field, you could imagine for yourself the texture you need. Moreover, by going to a costume shop in Brussels, you can get the necessary help and recommendations from the sellers. First, know that the main fabric for this type of garment is still wool. However, it is better to be vigilant about the quality of this material because not all wools are equal. Indeed, there are different qualities that do not necessarily have the same price. It is up to you to decide whether you want the desired quality. The wool is classified by the name Super XX's which allows the classification of fibres according to their thickness. But that does not mean that the higher the number, the better the quality. Other parameters are also taken into consideration. If you like wool, choose tweed or wool nate. In summer, choose finer, more airy textures such as linen or cotton. For small budgets, polyester is the best option. However, it would be a shame to invest in a tailor-made men's suit suit in Brussels while choosing a low-end fabric. Focus on quality. Your costume will then provide you with optimal comfort.

Rules for making a custom-made suit jacket

The perfect suit must be designed according to your build. It should not be too wide or too tight. It must perfectly follow the lines of your body. In order to match your size, your costume must fit the shape and width of your shoulders. The length of the sleeves is also important. One of the rules stipulates that the sleeve must stop at the abductor of the thumb. Finally, the tailor-made suit must be easy to close. You should not notice any wrinkles when you close the first button. Otherwise, the model is not really your size. However, if you can see the lapel of the jacket, it is too big.