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Women's fashion

As a woman, wearing fashionable clothes means being aware of the latest trends. Thanks to our selection of articles, you will know everything about the latest fashionable trends this fall, where camel and sarouels are mandatory! As for winter, you will get the latest collections of coats, scarves and more! Finally when it comes to the sunny days, i.e. spring and summer, benefit from our light, bright and cool clothing ideas and tips! Obviously, luxury resale platforms like Vestiaire Collective can be of huge benefit in helping you find your style and the clothes that fit you without breaking the bank!

All the latest must-have fashion clothes

For the sake of women, and women only!

How can you dress better as a man?

Some effective tips to improve your manly style

We all wonder how we’re going to dress when we get up in the morning, and it’s not always as simple as we think it is to find happiness, even in the most crowded closet in the universe. You have to find clothes that correspond to the mood of the day and then manage to match them together. And that’s where it all goes wrong!

Do you want to start your quest for a tailor-made manly style without getting lost? We’ve gathered everything you need here, as well as on Fashion File, in order to help you get straight to the point. Discover our tips on how to feel good about yourself and your clothes!

Being a fashionable kid

When it comes to fashion, our children have a say too!

Shopping is one of our great passions, let’s face it, and when we have children, we take even more pleasure in shopping for them! Does your child want to choose his/her clothes by himself/herself and dress according to his/her tastes? Fair enough! However, doing it with style is even better! How to dress your child so that he or she has a fashionable look? Do you keep up with the many trendy outfits and fashion accessories of the moment for children? Here, we focus on children’s fashion, to inspire and advise you!

Sustainable clothing

The ecological awakening of the fashion industry

Fashion is looking for a new business model, one that is more in line with environmental protection. Not only for fear of scandals and public opinion reactions, but also as a result of citizen awareness. The fashion industry has been taking environmental issues into account for a long time and sustainable clothing has finally emerged in the last decade. Until the mid-2000s, the problems facing the sector were more social, involving the exploitation of employees and subcontractors. Then a new rhetoric appeared; the industry became aware of the state of the planet, the cost of raw materials and the ecological waste.